Finished Pärnu mnt. 21 office building

The newly completed 6-storey office building with an underground parking lot is located in the heart of the center of Tallinn. The office building was completed in 2022 in cooperation with Ur-Partners real estate development.

The general concept of the building is a building with business premises and 2 spacious luxury apartments, the modern and modest architecture of the exterior facades is architecturally connected to the dignified and historically valuable buildings located in the neighborhood and fits into the well-established street front along the Pärnu road.

The first floor of the building is designed for commercial space, the upper floors for luxury apartments, and the middle floors for commercial and office space. The retail spaces on the 1st floor are planned with high ceilings and partly on two levels, turning the lower level into a workspace and the upper level into a rest area. The commercial premises have high 3-meter showcase windows in the direction of Pärnu street. On the second, third and fourth floors, the building’s central stairwell and elevator shaft office spaces have been redesigned, which can be divided into smaller or larger units according to the wishes of the tenants, if necessary. On the fifth and sixth floors, there are luxurious two-story apartments. The entrances to the apartments are located on the upper, sixth floor. The living and dining rooms of the apartments with kitchens and offices are also located on the 6th floor. Access to the terrace on both sides is guaranteed from the living and dining room. The spacious terraces overlook both Pärnu Mnt and the yard. On the 5th floor, the apartment’s bedrooms, utility room and bathrooms are located.

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